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She Writes Again, in Anguish

For many academics, the most depressing time of the year is not Blue Monday (for which, as is well known, there is no scientific basis), but rather the three days in August/September known as Labor Day Weekend. As the rest of the … Continue reading

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Bilbao > London > New York: Vegetable Sandwiches, English Champagne, Crappy Flights, Dead Plants, and THE END

All good and bad things come to an end, and so has my fabulous summer of 2014. All in all better than 2012 (chicken pox) and 2013 (broken neck, Lyme disease). Although there’s still three weeks to the start of … Continue reading

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Agur Bilbao: Work, Foodstuffs, Slippery Bridges, Starchitects, Going Home

My last full day in Bilbo has arrived: “Agur” is euskera for goodbye. Although it is the universal farewell term here even when people are speaking Spanish, and I easily jump into “adéu” and “fins aviat” when I’m in Barcelona, until yesterday I could never get myself … Continue reading

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Museum, Mundaka: From Polychromes to Rip Curl (and Shopping)

Then came another brief visit, this time from Messrs. J & F, and time for a bit more explorin’ (and, if I don’t finish this chapter, some splainin’). I decided to take them to the other jewel of the Bilbao art circuit, … Continue reading

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